Health and Wellbeing

Find information about health providers and services you may need

Going To School With A Medical Condition

If you have a medical condition schools have to know how to help you make full use of the activities and classes they provide

Who's Who

People that you might work with, or be referred to while your child is at nursery, school or college.

Seeing a Doctor

What kind of help you can get from your doctor and how to find and join your nearest surgery


Find out what a dentist can help you with and where your nearest NHS dentist is

Health Visitors

A health visitor will help you make sure that your child's given the right amount of care, and that you have all the advice and support you need

Targeted Health and Care Services

These services are for people who are showing signs of a particular difficulty or illness, or people who are at risk of them

Specialist Health and Care Services

Specialist care is for people who have complicated care needs, this could be because of illness, injury or disability

Mental Health and Behaviour At School

Teachers can help to spot behaviour changes which can indicate of mental health problems

Health Services in Bournemouth

We're working with other local authorities to provide a helpful health section that sets out everything available in Bournemouth for you

Health Services Outside Bournemouth

Find out what's available in other areas for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities