Contractors Dispensation

**New permit application system coming online from 26 April, so you can no longer apply for a permit using paper application forms**

If you drive a commercial vehicle, or are a contractor and need to park in a restricted area for a job, you need what;s called a dispensation for parking . This must be completed at least 7 working days prior to the start date.

If the dispensation is granted it will be processed and sent within 3 working days from receipt of the application form and payment.

Permission costs:

  • £15.00 for one day (per vehicle)
  • £30.00 for one week (per vehicle)

You can pay by cheque, or debit or credit card.

A dispensation permit will only be issued for a maximum of  2 weeks at a time.

Make sure your Dispensation permit is clearly displayed on your dashboard when you’re parked in a restricted area so you don't get a fine.

If it is an emergency job. Please phone 01202 451268 to speak to a Parking Services Operations Supervisor to see if you can have permission

Terms and conditions

  1. Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to the withdrawal of the Dispensation.
  2. This is not a general dispensation and is only issued in respect of the vehicle, periods and purposes shown.
  3. Materials or goods must not be deposited on the foot way or carriageway (except to the immediate rear of the vehicle). Nor shall they be passed across any part of the foot way or carriageway in any manner which may interfere with the safety of pedestrians and/or of other vehicles.
  4. The dispensation does not permit general parking at the location stated.  The motorist must move the vehicle elsewhere and within the regulations once the purpose stated has been accomplished.
  5. The applicant/driver must display clearly a telephone number and/or address at which he/ she can be contacted immediately.
  6. The Applicant/driver must move the vehicle if so directed by a police officer or a civil enforcement officer authorised by the Council.
  7. The applicant/driver must park safely at all times and not obstruct access to side roads and/ or adjacent premises.
  8. This dispensation is non-refundable.